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Cask Widge tillbaka i lager - Nya erbjudanden varje dag i "Grej Of The Day"

Snub Nose 60L - Complete - Gen 3

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Snub Nose 60L - Complete Kit 

Fraktbärande vikt 18 kg 

The LARGEST P.E.T. Pressure Fermenter with the highest level of control! 

Large opening on top! Gen 3 lid! 


The 60L Fermenter King Snub Nose is big enough to match your homebrewing ambitions! It’s so big we had to put it on castor wheels!

  • Easy to use, powerful design provides brewers with the ability to: 
  • Ferment Under Pressure 
  • Dryhop Sanitarily 
  • Carbonate 
  • Monitor Internal Temperature 
  • Serve

Features our new flexible Gen 3 Design that provides brewers with: 

  • New Thermowell – Get true liquid temperature readings 
  • New Floating Dip Tube – Fixed central tank position
  • Optional Temp Control – Attach our Temp Control Kit to heat or cool your tank internally 
  • CIP Capable – Attach our Cleaning Kit for easy Clean In Place clean up
  • Compatible with Gen 1 collection bottles

     Includes: Optional Additional Features:
    • 60L/15.8G Conical Fermenter Tank 
    • Collection Bottle
    • Thermowell
    • Stainless Steel Stand with Castors 
    • Third Generation Pressure Lid 
    • Floating Dip Tube with Centre Tank Alignment
    • CIP Cleaning Kit
    • Temp Control Kit
    • Insulation Jacket

    450mm wide across base of frame