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Viking Pale ale Malt, Whole / crushed

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Swedish classic pale ale malt

Color: ° EBC 5

Ordinary light malt is often referred to as arrow nut or stock malt and comes from low-protein two-row barley. The drying takes place at low heat (80 ° C), which does not rust the barley grains very hard. The color is slightly darker than that of ordinary barley. Pilsnermalt can be used as a basic malt in most beers. Normally, you can expect to get just over 5 liters of wort (at 50 ° E) per kg of malt.

A classic base malt made from Swedish-coded two-row spring barley.

The taste is mild and sweet with a certain nuttiness.

Ideal for brewing ale and specialty lager.

Recommended Giving: up to 100%

Manufacturer: Viking