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Craftsan 250ml -2 liter

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Craftsan, replaces Starsan and Saniclean in our range.

Finest Craftsan is a high-foaming, acid softener in 
concentrated form. The agent has the same properties as 
Stellar and used for last rinse of brewing equipment 
before contact with herbs, beer or other foods. 
No need for rinsing with water after use. The well-known manufacturer Chemisphere has collaborated with 
Bryggselv / CraftCo produced the detergent Craftsan. 
Chemisphere was founded in 1986 and is responsible for the Pipeline series.

Don't be afraid of the foam!

INSTRUCTIONS Mixing ratio: 20 ml Finest Craftsan per ml. 
10 liters of water 
Contact time: 2 minutes Last rinse of blowing agent: 
wash with suitable detergent (link to category) 
and rinse well. Make sure all yeast residues etc. have 
removed. Use a few liters of mixed Craftsan in 
yeast vessel, put on the lid and shake it so that it 
comes into contact with all surfaces. Let stand for two minutes 
and drain the solution from the vessel. It does not matter 
there is foam left in the bucket. It does not need to be rinsed 
afterwards. Last rinse of various small equipment: mix the amount 
Whisk as needed and soak for two minutes. 
Allow the mixture to drain slightly before use 
so that it includes as little as possible in the wort. Tip: have a spray / shower bottle with Craftsan blend 
available to shower directly on what you want to clean.