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SpunDiT USA 2.0

by SpunDiT
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The market's best spun valve in our opinion, SpunDiT, has now received a facelift. We are pleased to present SpunDiT 2.0, which will soon be available only at BrewGoat.

We think it's time to bring home a superior spunding valve for those who want precise control of fermentation and carbonation. As its predecessor, SpunDiT 2.0 is made of stainless steel in the USA and now comes with a mini Fermonitor for visual reading of the fermentation.

SpunDiT USA 2.0 is an American manufactured adjustable spunding valve system for pressure fermentation and keg fillling. These well desigined devices provide brewers with an excellent way to monitor and control the pressure of C02 gas created during the fermentation process. 

The SpunDiT USA 2.0 valve used in combination with the FERMonitor blow off bottle gives brewers the ability to see the gas being released and control the output of the bubbles. The bubbling starts when the SPUNDit adjustment matches the pressure inside your fermenter. To increase the pressure inside the fermenter, turn the knob on the SpunDiT clockwise and watch the gauge reading as the bubbling starts again.

The SpunDiT can also be used to do keg purging. Brewers can either connect from the SpunDiT outlet to the liquid out post of the keg being purged and and the gas post to the FERMonitor or attach to the gas post of your Fermentasaurus Pressure Fermentor to the the liquid out post of the keg being purged, then attach the keg's Gas post to the SpunDiT

The SpunDiT advanced spunding valve offers the following unique features:

    • Precise & accurate
    • CO2 capturing capability
    • Fine adjustment with 0-30 PSI pressure gauge with FERMonitor blow-off bottle
    • Anodized aluminum main body
    • One push-to-connect (PTC) 6mm OD IN port with plug
    • One PTC 6mm OD OUT port & comes with 30" of 6mm OD Surethane tubing (the best!)
    • Stainless steel right angle ball lock disconnect
    • Industrial grade diaphragm pressure relief valve - specifically configured for homebrewing
    • Compact design with swivel 1/4" female flare fitting for mounting versatility
    • Made in USA

What you can use SpunDiT for:

    • Pressure fermentation
    • Pressure fermentation for 2 kegs at the same time
    • Precise control of the pressure of your serving kegs
    • Pressure transfer from primary to secondary
    • Counter pressure bottle filling WITHOUT a need for "two product dual pressure regulator"
    • Keg purging with CO2 from active fermentation*
    • On-keg pressure gauge & injecting CO2 through SPUNDit's auxiliary port
    • Carbonate your beer precisely
  • Enhance the performance of Fermentasaurus

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