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Pysen 1.0 - Pysventil for oxygen-free transfer

199,00 kr
Only 7 available in stock - order soon.

Release valve for your sealed transfers, from keg to  keg or from, for example, Fermentasaurus to a keg.

With Pysen 1.0 you save on your spunding valve by not getting beer or other liquid in it. The hose end is placed in a bottle of water to easily monitor and adjust the transfer rate, open the valve and read the bubbles in the bottle.
The bottle is  placed in a bucket so that only the bucket will get wet if an accident should occur.

The Pysen is easy to clean and is easy to disassemble.

Comes fully assembled and includes the following:

3/16" Hose 1 meter

3/8" to 3/16" transition

3/8" valve

Ball coupling

3/8" hose for bracket