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Hop soap Forest glade 1hg

120,00 kr

Wherever you are, you are always out in the Swedish wonderful mixed forests with this soap. Nature's own scents top everything and leave a scent of crispy autumn morning behind.

The soap is boiled on organic olive oil, coconut oil and Swedish cold pressed rapeseed oil. In the saponification process, natural glycerin has formed, and oil of the farm's own hops contributes with its good properties. It comes in a box that can be reused for other small. The soap has a fresh weight of about 1 hg, or 0.6 hg. which then varies according to the degree of maturity of the soap and its cutting.

According to EU laws and regulations, you consumers should also be able to read the table of contents in Latin.

Here it comes!

INCI: Sodium Oleum olivae, Sodium Cocos nucifera, Sodium Brassica napus, Humulus Lupulus and natural aromas.