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Grainfather SF70

4.999,00 kr
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Grainfather SF 70


Grainfather SF70 conical ferocity building is built to have a capacity of 70 litres of beer.  The wonderful stainless surface makes it easy to keep clean and bacterial, and with the intuitive design, you can easily adjust the height of the work and take samples during a walking fermentation. Separating the yeast from beer is simple from the bottom to get even higher quality in the beer.

Features :

  • Rostfree 304 steel
  • Conic form that prevents yeast and sediment to fasten the cantenes
  • Adjustable height of bone and roller wheels for the easy movement of the unit
  • Separate yeasts and other sediments by the bottom valve
  • A dyspokeit for temperature control that can be put in.
  • Moving the beer above yeasts and other sediments with the valve fitted to the side
  • 2 years granti

What follows :

  • Grainfather SF70
  • Caps
  • Packages
  • temperature sensor dyspur
  • Ventil for the sampling of the beer
  • Bottom to dump
  • Justerable legs and wheels for simple movement