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DRHANS OKTO-FEZT (Oktoberfest / Märzen)

by DrHans
299,00 kr
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Drhans Okto-Fezt is a beautiful copper-colored, malted, light-drunk bearing beer with a balanced humite.

This receptkit is supposed to be fermented in warmer temperature than normally ferment lager beer. It makes it faster to get its finished beer and avoids "storing" away their tastes too much.The reception gives you about 23 liters of finished beer with late strength of about 5.5% ABV.. It can of course be called this recipe in a more classical way, but then it is recommended that the amount of yeast is doubled.

In Kittet, all ingredients are included to brew your Oktoberfest beer at home. Malt, hops and yeast. And instructions for you who want to brew with saucepan and Biab or for you who bridge with bridges. For you as a ferment under pressure, instructions are also included.

To get started, some material is required, such as a saucepan of 30 liters, Biab bag or something toilet the malt with. 1 Järhink with a tap and fermentation, 1 large ladle or mashes, detergents and disinfectants.
Optional but recommended is hydrometer with measuring tubes to see the strength of the wort. Missing these are you welcome to contact us.

The recipe contains:

Malt: Munchner, Maris Otter, Pilsner, Cara Blond & Caramunich II

Humle: Hallertau Mittelfrü Magnum

Yeast: Lager yeast

Other: Yeast nutrition, protafloc & brewing instruction