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However, the Beacon is 70 liters, of the stock

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In the warehouse is the good value bryggverket However, the Beacon is 70 litres. An all-in-one bryggverk of hembryggning of a good thing is the beer. Regardless of whether you prefer a lager, porter, IPA, wheat beer, ale, stout, or one of the world's many beers. this is bryggverket for you.

It is with great pleasure and pride in our hearts, we can reveal that we are expanding the Brewsterfamiljen with an older brother, Also at the Beacon 70. A major bryggverk in which it is possible to brew 25 gallons and 65 gallons of beer. However, the Beacon 70 are based on the same solid engineering, you can Now brew a lot more of a good thing is the beer.

However, the Beacon 70:

the Same ruggedness of the design, construction, and bryggtekniska properties, which is Also the Beacon to 40 years old.

Bryggkapacitet of 65 liters, the total volume of 70 litres.

Maltkapacitet: Up to 18 kg of malt in the maltpipan.

3 000 watts of power. An adjustable heater.

It is necessary to empty from a 25 - to 65 pints of beer.

Bryggkapacitet can be used from 1 to 2 helkornsatser.

Attached siktglas for easy and accurate reading of the wort.

Bottenfilter made of stainless steel.

It can be increased in three stages.

The handle of the stake with a built-in hook.

The infinitely height-adjustable överflödesrör.

The wort is pumped out of the Also.

Capacity: 15 liters / min.

Measure the Height and diameter 77x40,5