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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg
Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg

Aromazyme Lallemand - 100 grams

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Biotransformation is something that is talked about a lot when humming beers are mentioned.

Here is a brand new and super exciting product. Biotransformation is defined as "the chemical modification made to the interaction between two ingredients used for brewing: yeast and hops".

Brew yeast produces various enzymes during fermentation that can play a role in biotransformation in the release of aromatic compounds. Lallemand Brewing, in addition to characterizing its yeast portfolio with respect to these specific enzymatic activities, just released ABV Aromazyme, an enzyme preparation with strong β-glucosidase activity. ABV Aromazyme is developed by AB Vickers R&D Department, a subdivision of Lallemand Inc., which specializes in brewing process aids. The use of ABV Aromazyme during fermentation allows home brewers and breweries to improve their hop aroma, a more humming beer simply.

ABV Aromazyme is an enzyme preparation of a dry product derived from a selected strain of non-GMO Aspergillus niger, available in 100 g plastic jar with a recommended dose of 5 g per 100 liters of wort.

4 years shelf life of this product if stored under the right conditions. Link to presentation from Lallemand about the product and Aromazyme is explained in detail.

Aromazyme Lallemand