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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg

Terms and conditions of purchase and the GDPR

These are the current terms and conditions as a private client to BrewGoat. Client as a business, see Swedish Sale of goods act 1990:931.

Yoa as a customer are very important tous, and we know how important it is to you that we will not share your information with any third party. We will keep your information safe, and do not confer or share any part of these under any conditions.

We are in compliannt to Swedish law and business practice, and our goal is to keep all our customers happy.
The following terms and conditions are effective from 2019-04-01.

The products and warranties

All of the products being sold in the store must be in accordance with the laws.

The Swedish consumer sales act is in force, and submits the 6-month guarantee on all our products. In those cases, the manufacturers offers longer warranties, e.g 1 year, the longer warranty period is valid. The product warranty is not applicable upon accident or misstake in handeling, abnormal use, or failure to follow care and maintenance instructions.

The right of withdrawal

According to the Swedish law on distance and off premises contracts, consumers within Sweden has the right of withdrawal within 14 days. The right of withdrawal, however, is not always applicable.

Malt and cereals
Malt extract
Yesst nutrition, and other additives, with expiration date
Wine- and beer-kits
Any food or beverage products, such as honey and coffee

The above mentioned are not subject of the right of withdrawal.

By the use of the right of withdrawal the consumer pays for the return shipping. The cost of the return shipping is in line with what the consumer paid for the original shipping charges.

If the goods are unused and are returned in their original condition, we will return the full cost of the product back to the consumer. If an item is used or the status of it has changed, the value of the product by the altered condition determines how much the consumer will get back from the overall cost.

By the use of the right of withdrawal, the consumer shall contact the BrewGoat® within the period of 14 days from the date of delivery. Subsequently, the product must be sent back to our address at:
BrewGoat AB, Roslagsstoppet 1, Bakom Sibylla, 18696 Brottby.

Replacement of product

Replacement of any goods is to be treated as a use of the right of withdrawal. For that, the easiest way to change an item for the consumer is to please contact the seller at

Damage of product in shipment to the buyer

We pack the goods carefully so that damages to the goods shall not occur.
However, if shipping damage occurs, please let us know as soon as possible. Any complaints should be made directly by the consumer. If visible damage exists, the freight agency should make a note of this. Announce us before returning the product, to receive return instructions.

If you do not pick up your order from us

If the customer does not receive or pick up the shipment, and it is returned to us you will be charged 255 SEK to cover the extra costs of the operation. If the consumer wants their items sent again, the new shipping fee will be equal to the shipping cost that the consumer paid for the first shipment. If hte consumer wants to get the payment returned, rather than to receive the goods, some items (see the list in the Withdrawal, as well as the shipping costs will be excluded from the sum.


Some goods are offered before they actually has arrived to our warehouse, these goods are informed about clearly. By pre-order is ment that you pay for your item at check-out, corresponding to when ordering an airlinte ticket or ticket to a consert. You pay for your item in advance, and when it arrives our warehouse, we promptly ship it to the consumer.

The right of withdrawal of the goods according to the Distance Purchase Act does not start to  count until the cunsumer has received the goods. Other conditions as above apply


If a dispute arises between a consumer and the seller, we strongly recommend that you go to the national board for consumer complaints. We will follow the general recommendations of the Swedish Consumer agency.


Refund will be made within 14 days of the consumer withdraws from the order or return the goods, provided that we have received the goods or received the proof of return. An exception applies if we have not received the goods or proof of return, you then have 14 days from the time we receive your order.

Payment methods

The Payment methods which are used to be seen in the shopping cart.


The Prices shown are in SEK unless otherwise is agreed upon prior to the order. Shipping will be added according to weight and based on the contract with the carrier.

Goods can be collected free from our warehouse within our office hours, after the confirmation is received.

For sales to vat-registered companies within the EU countries, the Swedish vat is deducted from the prices. A valid VAT number is required for this purpose.


Shipping is done with different operators in the market. Delivery times may vary between weight/bulky and shipping method. We intend to send the item as soon as it is packed. Own freight company can be arranged and the pick-up of goods must then be carried out in consultation with BrewGoat® and hired freight company.

Privacy policy

All data handled by us is subject to General Data Protection Regulation.


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