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Common livebryggning on Saturday, 28 march at 09:30 am, on the world wide web.

The next Saturday, we are going BrewGoat® to arrange for an livebryggning right from our office in the Roslagsstoppet.

Everyone is invited to join in via the link in the brewing of beer in common with us.

Allows for the weather, we make the out, so those of you who want to welcome the physical, of course.

We thought that we would self-test to prepare DrHans Session NEIPA, and for those of you who would like to be involved with brewing the same kit can find it all here.

Of course, all invited to join in via a video link, or just take a look at what everyone else is brewing during the day.

On Saturday, 28 march at 09:30, and the link will be active. In order to be with you through phone, so that requires a free mobile app that appears when you tap on a link. Or via a web browser from your computer.

We know that many people are stuck at home, and in this way, we hope that we can be a bryggarkompis on the world wide web.

Please follow the link below:https://meet.the jit.the si/brewgoatlive

This item, you will also be working Wednesday -Saturday 10-18:00 am

to Look out and be prepared so that everything is working properly.

You are most welcome!