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Here you will find the malt you need to brew beer.Everything from basic malt to special malt.In order to succeed with its beer type in beer brewing, it is of great advantage to get the right balance between the different varieties, whether you brew beer at home or with large brewers. Not just for the color you wish for your beer, but for the fullness, taste and foam crown you are looking for.

Combined with the right amount of hops and a well-selected yeast, the prerequisite for success is increased.

We divide the malt into two different groups, base malt and special malt. The base malt constitutes the very foundation of the beer and constitutes between 80-100% of the entire malt note. The base malt gives the wort larger parts of the fermentable sugar maltose that is extracted to the wort. Worth is before it begins to ferment and can then be called beer. The base malt often has less flavor and color than the special malt.
So much or all of the total amount is used by
pale ale malt, pilsnermalt and viennamalt. So the base malt. It works well to mix the base malt.

The special malt is the other malt found on the page. It contributes in different ways with taste, color (EBC) and aroma. It usually represents at most 20% of the total amount of malt (malt note).

Below you can see which varieties are right for the recipe you have. If you do not have recipes, you are welcome to ask us about recipes that may suit your taste.


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