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The hops are the part of the beer that gives the bark, taste and aroma. When brewing a beer, the hops are used at different times in the chef to get exactly what you want. A hops with high alpha acid are often used to give the beer the brash you desire. (IBU). The longer you give the hops in the cook, the higher the bitterness you extract. Later givers (at the end of the cook) provide not only a bitter but also more aromas and scents that are important for the character of the beer.

Hops with low alpha acid are mostly used to give aromas. Dry bumbling is very popular in modern beers. You then add the hops in the wort after the fermentation process has started.

Here you will find both hops that are suitable for bitter and those that work better for aroma. All our hops are of a high quality and are well packaged to retain the qualities we wish to fill our beers with.

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