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Labels 199x90mm

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Self-adhesive printer labels on A4 sheets for your beer bottles. 8 labels per A4 sheet. Make your own design in eg Word, and print on a laser printer. The labels have glue on the back.

Removal: The labels come off by themselves after about 5 minutes soaking in hot water.

Not suitable for those who want to serve their jars or bottles in ice baths or the like - as the labels become a little bubbly in cold water. 

For a regular vichy or longneck bottle a label overlap about 1cm. For a regular can a label label leaves a gap of about 1 cm.

Link to Word template:
Word template for the labels is available tho download here -->

Note that different printers print documents slightly different, why you might need to adjust the template to fit your printer when the margins are very small. 

Dimensions of the labels:
Width: 199 mm
Height: 90 mm