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Livebryggnignen den 4 april

The livestock bridge April 4

On Saturday, April 4, BrewGoat® organized the second joint distance bridging from our premises at Roslagsstoppet. Everyone was welcome to either show up and participate in the venue, or join the internet and brew beer with us. We brewed Mr Evils Black Cruzade - Cascadian Dark Ale, a so-called BIPA from DrHans Brewery.

Pär, Micke and Brewtools 80PRO

The brewing was handledDrHans, Micke and Jocke with good assistance from Pär who brews under the name The brewery brewery in Åkersberga. We were lucky with the weather this time too, although long sleeves were preferred. Of course, we also brewed this time with one Brewtools 80PRO.

This time we turned to the North American West Coast to find the roots of this modern beer from the Cascadia area. Cascadia consists of the western parts of the Canadian territory of British Columbia and the US states of Washington, Oregon and the northern parts of California, ie all west of the mighty volcanic Cascade mountain range. Due to the fact that the mountains are for the most part very steep with fairly high peaks of over 4000 meters, and the proximity to the North Pacific - it can snow copious amounts during a winter.

Cascadia's unofficial flag (not quite unlike Jämtlands)

Cascadian Dark Ale (CDA, Black IPA, American Black Ale, officially American Style Black Ale) was approved as their own style in 2010 and brewed with roasted malt with coffee or chocolate overtones and hops with citrus flavors (often Cascade hops).

The other hops go in

Something we appreciated really much was that there were many more people who shared with us at a distance this time than at the first meeting. We take it as a receipt that this too was an appreciated and successful event, both at our premises at Roslagstoppet and abroad. We think it is incredibly nice to be able to connect new contacts between experienced and prospective home-brewers in Sweden.

You are all warmly welcome to brew with us again now on Saturday, April 4 at 10, when we brew a Czech pils in the form of Czech it Out.

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