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Live-bryggningen den 28 mars

Live brewing on March 28

On Saturday, March 28, BrewGoat ® arranged a joint distance bridge from our premises at Roslagsstoppet

Beer brewing outside the shop at Roslagsstoppet 28 MarchEveryone was welcome to show up and participate on site, or join us via the internet and brew beer together with us. We brewedDrhan's Session NEIPA.

We were met by an amazing spring weather on Saturday morning and you could sometimes stand in just the short sleeves during the morning sunshine. However, forward lunchtime the north wind began to make itself felt, and when the sun went in clouds it became really cool out on the paving and gravel. In order not to drain even more heat through the lid, we made a lid insulation in lysgul neoprene to our brewhouse Brewtools 80PRO.

Self-made lid insulation in lysgul neoprene to Brewtools 80PRO

The brewing was handled by DrHansand Micke and assisted by Jocke. The brew was tasted by American East Coast, New England is the most northeastern region in the United States and includes the states northeast of New York - Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The region is famous for its colonial heritage, the coastal strip towards the North Atlantic, its varied seasons and a mountain range similar to what we have in Sweden with a highest peak of slightly more than 1900 möh.

A NEIPA or a New England India Pale Ale that the abbreviation stands for, is easily explained to our new abilities a type of American IPA that has an intense, tropical fruity Bumblebee aroma and taste with low bitter. A NEIPA should be "dry humped", i.e. adding hops after cooking to make the beer strong Bumblebee automatic. It, along with yeast selection and a malt note with a higher amount of protein, generally provides a dishy beer with soft tones, a little creamy tropical sweetness unlike West Coast IPAs that characterized by classic bitter, juicy citrus flavors. NEIPA has therefore also come to be called anti-IPA too.

The event was a successful kick-off of our new premises at Roslagsstoppet. Several habit and would-be brewers met us on the spot and many participants were seen connecting themselves to the internet link to participate for a shorter or longer time remotely. It's really nice to be able to connect some new connections between home makers in Sweden.

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Joakim - February 2, 2021

Riktigt roligt event att deltagit på.

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