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Distansbryggningen april 25,

on Saturday, the 25th of april, and arranged BrewGoat® is the third single distansbryggningen from the premises at the Roslagsstoppet. Everyone was welcome to show up and participate on the site, or through the internet, and the brewing of beer, along with all of us. We are brewed in Czech it Out, Czech pils, which is a Collab between David Broheim (Broheim Brewing), and BrewGoat the product.

to David, and He was pouring in the malt

The brewing process was done by David, and He, with the assistance of the Jock and in addition, Andreas (from the Egeby Annelund Brewery), who had travelled up from the östergötland plain of the delta. There has been quite with us in the past, wasn't really the league's generous with the number of Celsius at this time. We should be happy that it did not rain and that it actual got a bit of sun in the afternoon. Formerly brewed, we are once again having a Brewtools 80PRO.

of Today's brewing went back to the old world,we flirted with the sounds of the classic Pilsner Urquell from Pilsen in the Czech republic, the first mother-to-bottom-fermented light lager – pils/pils. Pilsen lies in the fact that, historically called Bohemia, dating back to the late 1100's, when the kingdom was established. The fighting around the Bohemia, has been, through the centuries, I was, of course, Sweden's involvement in the 30 years ' war, during the first half of the 1600's. Bohemia remained a kingdom within the holy roman empire, the habsburg empire and later the austro-Hungarian double monarchy before it, in the first world war, it became part of the new republic of Czechoslovakia. For the country cases, the lack of political and economic factors, in order to keep the country together, and on January 1, 1993, the current states of the Czech republic and the Slovak republic.

In 1842, was brewed the first Pilsner Urquell, the most common were in need of was a dark, top-fermented. Less expensive imported of the bottom yeast layer, however, began to become more popular, and it was then that it was investing in a new, modern brewery. Pilsen's soft water, did perfect with the hops of Saaz, and ultra-pale malt, from the time of the English maltugnen. Pilsner Urquell is a light beer, but at the same time having the offer to hop tone. Obviously, a great beer for those pubs, then, of course, 9 out of 10 people enjoyed a beer around the world, can be said to be descended from the original pilsnern.

Humlestrumpan go into the

Although it is a bit pity of the weather , it was some of the brave who joined us on site, and also to a few who to and from the connected, via the video link. Unfortunately, we were not able this time to send out live, as planned, the outdoors, and that it had only livelänken connected to the inside of the store. We think it's nice to be able to link up new connections between the experience and the aspiring home-brewer, and microbryggerier in Sweden, and the more fun it will be when more people have the opportunity to actually come and be present at the site. Each time, it creates a bit more of a chance, and the occasional ölbytes and provsmakningstradition that are already up and running, we are looking forward to the meetings.

The next drawing will be on may 16. The theme for the occasion will be a welsh ale, when we brew the BrewGoat's the Cymric Dragon Ale.

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