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Livebryggningen 16 maj

Livebryggningen may 16,

on Saturday, may 16, arranged in the BrewGoat® is still one of the common livebryggningen from the premises at the Roslagsstoppet. Everyone was welcome to show up and participate on the site, or through the internet, and the brewing of beer, along with all of us. We brewed the Cymric Dragon Ale for the first time, a welsh ale, following a recipe created by Jocke, Mike, and Johnny on the BrewGoat the product.

Sergey set up the temperature and flow of the Brewtools 80PRO

The brewing process was done by Jock for the first time, with the good assistance of the rest of the participants on the spot. The weather, as well as the last, was not the most comfortable, but it fits in pretty well when they make the welsh. During the day, we got to experience the brilliant sun, the pattering hail, and the whipping wind. For the first time, we have had to put up a tent to keep us dry at all times. Just as we were about to the end of the afternoon, the in addition, the real-kastbyar, who wanted to tear down with the wind. As in the earlier times, brewed in a Brewtools 80PRO

For today's drawing we took the remains of the old world,as we aim to emulate the joakim's welsh favourite, Felinfoel's Double Dragon. A little trivia about the brewery is that they were the first brewery in the world to produce hantverksöl in a jar, already in the year 1935. In a Felinfoel man has brewed beer for centuries, but it was not until 1878 the brewery was built. Before that I had only brewed beer during the winter months at the local tavern.

Scrooge, with the welsh international hoodie day, for the honor of pouring the first round of hops,

Cymric, the Dragon , means the welsh dragon, in the English language, which refers to the crown, the symbol of which is the Wales flag next to it. The official name of the Y Ddraig Goch (pronounced as [ə ˈðraiɡ ˈɡoːx]) of the welsh language and means " the red dragon. The red kite has been a long-standing tradition, at least for the 800's, as it is mentioned in Nennius Historia Brittonum, but it has to have been a part of the stridsstandarden of King Arthur and other ancient celtic leaders. We named our ale to the Cymric Dragon is, but maybe it should be called the YCymraeg Ddraig Goch, is to actually write out the name in the welsh language. 

Thanks to the o DrHans to fill up the jästankarna

In spite of the very bad weather there were many people who joined us at the venue a little bit on and off during the day - so much fun! There were also a few that linked up, via video link, even though this time, it didn't seem to be so many that are brewed at the same time, with the us out of the country. "We are very pleased to be able to link up new connections between the experience and the aspiring home-brewer, and microbryggerier in Sweden, and even more fun when there is a spontaneous discussion, or sharing of experiences. Also mention the estimated ölbytes fridge we have in the store, in which anyone can take and trade of its manufactured beer to someone else.

the Soap is set in a fermentation under pressure and is completed in about a week.

Next, the brewing is not yet scheduled, but we'll be back with a date and a theme.

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