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Free freight in Sweden on orders over 750 SEK and under 20 kg
Container vessel Al Rawdah

Delivery of Keg King to Europe

As we have hinted at before, we have placed a large order on Keg King's range - to be able to offer many of their quality products to Sweden and the rest of Europe. Now that the delivery has finally left the factory and the warehouse, we are opening up for you to  start pre-booking, as we understand that there will be a high pressure on the products when they arrive.

On this page, we will update so that you can track where the delivery is, so that everyone can see when the products start to approach. It takes quite a long time to get a container shipped over half the globe - the estimated delivery date for the moment is the month of July / August. But of course we hope that they will come a little sooner than that.

Ports that will pass through the calculated freight line are Singapore, Hamburg and Södertälje, where the container is estimated to be reloaded. It takes about two weeks between Melbourne and Singapore, and another month between Singapore and Hamburg. Unfortunately, there are quite long transit times in the ports added to that.

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