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Keg King-leveransen har nått Rotterdam

Keg King delivery passes Bitter Lake

Finally we see our big order from Keg King in Australia loaded on to the fantastic large container ship ONE Grus sailing from Singapore June 27. The abbreviation ONE stands for Ocean Network Express and the ship measures 364 x 51 meters which roughly corresponds to 3.5 full-sized football pitches one after the other. On ONE Grus you can load 14026 twenty-foot containers, which classifies the ship as a Very Large Container Ship (VLCS).

Those of you who follow us or take note of our news know that the delivery has been on the way for a while now, but now the next transhipment is not until Hamburg. It takes just under four weeks for ONE Grus to get to Hamburg before transhipment to Södertälje. And we have now opened up pre-orders for all customers, with extra reduced early bird prices until the end of June. Make sure to place your order now to take advantage of the best price.

In the first article about the delivery you can track where the vessel is, to see when the goods are getting closer to arrival. The estimated delivery date at the end of July / beginning of August still looks to be correct. 

Update July 2: ONE Grus left Colombo, Sri Lanka, sailing out to the Arabian Sea, en route to the Suez Canal.

Update July 11: ONE Grus has sailed across the Arabian Sea in the Indian Ocean and ascended the Suez Canal. In the middle of the passage there is a large lake with the finngn name Bitter Lake  :-) where ONE Grus passed July 11. 

Update July 15: ONE Grus has made its way through the Mediterranean and is south of Malaga on the coast of Spain. Gibraltar will soon be passed before heading up along the Portuguese coast on its way to Rotterdam.

Update July 20: It is quick to sail up the west coast of Europe. ONE Grus has now entered the port of Rotterdam - which is one of the busiest ports in the world, and by far the largest in Europe. Soon it will continue to Hamburg where transhipment will take place to the smaller ship Freya which will take the cargo to Södertälje.

We look forward to delivering the high quality products from Keg King that have been tested to keep what they promise.

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